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Our Team

Meet the biometric specialists.

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David Philips

Managing Director

With over 3-decades in senior management, David utilises his unique skill set to guide Biode toward achieving its corporate Vision.

Having built several companies across a diverse range of business sectors, David has developed expertise in many business disciplines, including; strategy, finance, leadership, and operations.

David’s purpose is to help businesses do business better by offering holistic advice and assisting them to make effective decisions. We have come a long way over the past decades, but under David’s leadership, we are just getting started!

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Nathan Wilson

Product & Service Delivery Specialist

With over 15 years’ experience in the biometrics industry, Nathan has a proven record of delivering exceptional customer service.


Nathan’s expertise lies in his profound capability to identify shortfalls in existing service processes. Upon thorough problem analysis, Nathan then designs and implements solutions to create an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

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Kieren Boal

Software Developer

7 years ago, Kieren was asked, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Without hesitation, he responded, “writing code.”

And today, Kieren is fulfilling his vision and designing innovative software ideas at a professional level, in a high-tech and unforgiving industry. His code is often commended by our Government clients and other industry experts, as Kieren has a true talent for conceptualising and executing development tasks in a quality and efficient manner.

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Danny Gough

Group General Manager

Biometrics is in Danny’s DNA! Each day, our GM demonstrates a genuine passion for the world of biometrics and its endless possibilities to serve society.

Danny is highly respected within the biometrics industry for his experience, expertise and charismatic personality. Over the decades, Danny has formed authentic relationships with trusted channel partners and valuable referral partners.

Danny’s deep understanding of the components of biometrics and security offers exceptional support for our existing and prospective customers, as well as for our internal team.

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Nam Chung

Senior Software Engineer & Manager

One of our tech geniuses – Nam brings over two decades of experience in security software development to the table.

Nam is an expert across all stages of the development lifecycle for biometric integration. He is an exceptional problem-solver and has an aptitude for troubleshooting, making Nam an invaluable member at Biode. Nam is deeply involved in the implementation of security projects for our Government and commercial customers.

Linda Gough

Group Finance & Administrator Manager

Linda is a valuable member of our team who ensures the ship is running smoothly.

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Damien Crabtree

Group Software Architect

A true visionary – exploring new possibilities and implementing disruptive software innovations to empower organisations.

Damien is a highly educated and experienced software architect who has dedicated his skills towards developing biometric identification solutions. He is motivated to design disruptive technologies that have a positive impact on society.

Damien hand-picked a team of talented software engineers and leads them to create customised, streamlined solutions for our partners and customers to protect people and physical assets in organisations.

Madison Gough

Customer Service Manager

Our bubble of positivity – offering valuable information and support to our customers or prospects when they need it.

Madison is highly knowledgeable about our systems, and our customers value her innate ability to communicate complex topics simply and insightfully. She is passionate about bringing clarity to the world of biometrics, helping organisations to embrace the valuable solutions available to them better.

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Nate Philips.jpg

Nate Philips

Marketing Strategist

It didn’t take long to get Nate excited about biometrics! Now, he’s dedicated to sharing our story with the world.

In the early days, Nate deep-dived into our DNA to determine our underlying purpose – which we discovered was to protect people and physical assets – then, he set out to find the specific organisations who NEED our solutions. Nowadays, he’s on a mission to educate the world about the value of biometric solutions by harnessing the power of the latest marketing platforms.

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