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More Hardware Integrations

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Meet the KeyWatcher:

Many organisations operate with 100s, or even 1000s, of keys under their control – used to manage access to specific zones/rooms, and equipment and resources. However, keys can be very difficult to control as they are easily lost, stolen, shared or replicated.

Biode trusts the KeyWatcher, by Morse Watchmans, to enfore accountability for keys – organisations will know who holds each key, when the key was last accessed, and it will ensure keys are returned.


Meet the RFID Technology:

Precise asset management is critical for organisations that manage stock, equipment, resources, and machinery that are of high value, high risk or have unique access privileges. RFID-tagged assets can protect your assets from being lost, stolen or misused – enabling organisations to know exactly where assets are at any given time.

When paired with other solutions, organisations can also manage access privileges reliably and securely.


Turnstiles are commonly used for access control in medium-security environments. The automated gates mitigate bottlenecks and allow free-flowing egress and ingress while still ensuring individuals are properly identified before access is permitted.

Reception Cameras

To further optimise the overall system, Biode often integrate ethernet and USB cameras into the reception set-up. Biode select the appropriate surveillance system for your facility from our range of trusted suppliers.

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More Hardware Integrations

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