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Iris Solutions

Highly dependable, touchless, and
near-impossible to spoof.

As biometric technology has evolved, so too have the methods to identify people accurately and reliably. Iris recognition technology is widely considered the most accurate biometric modality - it is highly dependable, touchless, and near-impossible to spoof. Iris biometric solutions will continue to grow in popularity as commercial adoption increases.

Iris ID is the global leader in iris technology and sets the industry benchmarks for iris identification.


Meet the Iris ID iCAM

Leading the world in touchless iris scanning technology.

The Iris ID iCAM 7000S and R100 devices offer powerful features that no other iris recognition system is yet capable of achieving.


Each device enables rapid iris acquisition with larger image collection for superior user enrolment and recognition.


Automatic iris scanner tilting to accommodate all users


Dual iris capture for added security and accuracy


Hygienic, non-intrusive and non-contact user interface

iCAM 7000S.png

Note: product specifications vary based on the device.

More details on the iCAM:

High accuracy:

High throughput:




User capacity:

Transaction capacity:

Superior reliability:

Remote management:

Easy set-up:

Dimensions (H*W*D):

Device weight:

Contactless reader options:

1:N and 1:1 matching, on-server or on-device

High ingress capacity matching in < 1 second

Multi-factor authentication – 2F & 3F Iris+Card+PIN

Time & Attendance and access control capabilities

Seamless integration with third-party PACS

Up to 100,000 users, or unlimited w/ Biode software

1 million transaction logs on device, unlimited on server

Equipped with anti-fraud, fake iris detection

For convenience and practical usability

Seamless installation and flexible integrations

211*178*64 mm

1.6 kg

HID Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire

Meet the Iris ID iT100

Advanced fusion of iris and facial recognition technology.

Iris ID’s iT100 is one of the most advanced contactless biometric devices available today.


Boasting an iris & face fusion biometric, combined with a large capture volume, the iT100 enables exceptional authentication speed and flexibility.


Iris & face fusion biometric for ultra-security


Simultaneous iris and face biometric capture <1 second


Proven anti-tampering and fraud detection features

05 - iT100.png

More details on the iT100:

Iris/Face fusion:

Contactless Authentication:

7" Multi-touch display:


User capacity:

Transaction capacity:

Advanced security:

Large capture range:

Open android platform:

Storage capacity:

Dimensions (H*W*D):

Device weight:

Use in iris only / face only / iris + face fusion mode

Non-intrusive and non-contact user interface

On-device settings and user enrolment

Automatic iris scanner tilting to accommodate all users

Up to 10,000 1:N users, 100,000 1:1 users

1 million (Iris), 100,000 (Face) transaction logs on device

Encrypted information and Secure Boot platform

Quickly and easily authenticate users whilst in motion

Enables customisable app. development and integration

16GB of memory

137*180*30 mm


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