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Time & Attendance

Cloud-based identity solutions for dependable people management.

Existing people management functions, backed by biometrics.

Time & attendance | Security & access control | Muster report | Payroll & roster integration | Management reporting

Discover BiodeTIME

BiodeTIME harnesses the irrefutable accuracy of world-leading biometrics for dependable people management in commercial and retail environments.

Our advanced identity management solution enables your business to capture time & attendance information and manage access control rules accurately and efficiently.

  • Mitigate costly timesheet fraud

  • Eliminate unauthorised access

  • Reduce stock shrinkage & theft

  • Replace vulnerable swipe cards, passwords & PINS

The use of biometrics in business is still a relatively new concept. Organisations are only starting to understand the value of biometric time & attendance and access control solutions to improve workplace security, increase productivity and maximise profitability.

Valuable Benefits

Without biometric people management, traditional business systems suffer many limitations. Advanced biometric identity management enhances your business processes in the following areas:

Access Control

Biometric technology significantly improves safety and security controls by eliminating unauthorised staff or unlawful visitor access to secure, private, or dangerous areas, including real-time updates of access permissions.

Cards, passwords, PINS

Eliminate fallible swipe cards, passwords and PINS that are easily stolen, lost, shared, or hacked.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate time & attendance fraud by capturing irrefutable evidence of the time, location, and originating person behind every timesheet entry.


Ensure timesheets and payroll data are recorded accurately and staff are compensated correctly. Seamless third-party integration with your preferred payroll solution reduces errors and costly data re-entry.

Inventory Management

Enable strict and robust access control to inventory areas to reduce shrinkage.

Data Management

Share essential data across relevant third-party information systems, relieving administrative burden, reducing duplication of effort, and eliminating costly data entry and consistency errors.

Management Reports

Instantly generate accurate management reports for better operational insights and audit trails, including timesheets, attendance activity logs., and customisable reports.

Muster Reports

Instantly generate accurate muster reports to improve on-site safety and security for staff and visitors.


Cloud-based solution offers unlimited users and efficiently manages high activity volumes with ultra-accuracy.


Is BiodeTIME the right solution for your business?

BiodeTIME will improve and enhance business processes in every organisation that requires secure, accurate and reliable management of its people.

Does your organisation manage:

  • A workforce of >10 people using timesheets or a bundy clock?

  • Staff working at multiple sites with complex ingress/egress authorisations?

  • A mobile or remote workforce?

  • Secure, private or hazardous areas?

  • A high volume of staff/visitor/vehicle movement in/out of premises?


BiodeTIME’s cloud-based identity management solution is best suited for the following environments:

  • General corporate/commercial

  • Retail and service station chains

  • Childcare

  • Hospitality

  • Gyms

  • Constructions

  • Strata/accommodation

  • Schools/universities

  • Councils

  • Airports

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When it comes to biometric technology, BiodeTIME is future-proof and proudly technology and brand-agnostic. We offer unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind because we can integrate biometric devices from almost any vendor. Our clients are never locked into any single hardware provider or biometric modality.

Our simple 3-step process

Empowering you to manage your business more accurately and securely.

Identify limitations in existing people management systems.


Design a secure, robust, and customised biometric people management solution.


Install biometric hardware, integrate third-party services, and configure BiodeTIME.


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